Data Cabling and Networking

Rodwel Computer Networks is a recognized company in providing IT and communications network services. Our offerings include project planning and management, network build and maintenance, and specialist consulting services. Our company has worked with the full range of communications network technologies, including fixed and wireless LAN


Rodwel Computer Network works with you to provide the solutions you need at a price you can afford. We partner with you to improve your company's efficiency, productivity and bottom line. Serving you effectively is our top priority.


We have developed technical solutions for companies of every size, whether you have ten employees or are one of the fortune 500. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Local area networks
    (LANs) -- LANs enable you to connect workstations in your office, so that you can easily share files, printers, Internet connections and other resources. Our network consultant team can help you develop a network that shares these resource with the goal to make your company the most productive that it can be.
  • Wireless LAN
    A wireless LAN enables remote employees, as well as those in the building, to "roam" with laptops without the need for wired hookups. Wide area networks (WANs) -- WANs enable you to connect branch offices, so that your entire company can share an e-mail system, Enterprise software packages and Internet access.
  • Remote network access
    Remote network access enables traveling employees and telecommuters to access company data securely, easily and inexpensively.
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
    Setup a file server in a Domain environment to share data, application, and printers. Also allow centralized location for proper daily backup.
  • Exchange Server 2010
    Exchange servers support e-mail systems, so that you can communicate with employees, clients and partners. You can also reinforce your company identity with custom e-mail addresses (
  • Web servers
    Web servers enable you to ensure internal security by hosting your public website on your network, rather than on your internal system.
  • Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office software
    With these industry-standard programs, you can create and share documents, contacts, schedules, spreadsheets, databases, presentations and much more.
  • Other network software
    We can help you choose and properly install network software so you can collaborate and share programs, financial software, database software and more. We are not affiliated with any software companies, nor do we receive compensation of any kind from any software company, therefore you will receive objective recommendations.
  • Network security
    Firewall protection -- Firewalls protect your network and your company's data from intentional and unintentional intrusions. Our network security team can help in designed and bulletproof firewall system for your company.
  • Backup systems and action plans
    A comprehensive data backup and recovery plan is critical to the security of your company information. The right backup plan, in conjunction with the right backup system, minimizes or eliminates the risk of losing data in the event of natural or manmade disasters.
  • Enterprise antivirus systems
    Enterprise antivirus solutions circumvent human error and forgetfulness by automatically updating virus definitions and performing workstation disinfection scans.

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