Welcome to the Rodwel Consultants page. In this department we mainly focus on providing guidance and advice. Our consultants are well experienced in business & technical operations, assuring you success in any i.t project you wish to implement. Our involvement also assures cooperates with assistance in project forecast especially when introducing a new service or a new solution.


We help you with considerable analysis in; how the market will respond; how your competitors will respond and how forecasted changes in technology will affect you & how the market perceives your new service or how the service’s lifespan will last. We realized that a lot of co operates get too excited with “new service introduction” projects & implement them without having a full analysis of how they will run & their outcomes.


To enable high performance in your organization or business, Rodwel Consultants offers a package of specialized expertise which involves a combination of technology development and implementation, involving I.T infrastructure design and software implementation, which all bring forth effective and efficient systems that meet organizational goals. To ensure a significant change in your business our service is provided in a systematic manner which includes


Business Analysis, whereby the organization goals are assessed and decisions on how to best meet them are made.


System Analysis when we take a look at what the current system is offering, what problems are being faced and how best to solve them.


Infrastructure Analysis an appropriate system is designed/recommended that suits the organizational needs.


We are determined to do a project that is technically, economically and organizationally feasible.


Infrastructure refreshment projects, Network design, Troubleshooting IT Consulting, Implementation of specific well described features, such as monitoring platforms, Infrastructure Capacity Planning


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